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About us

The company Grup Expert SRL was founded by Mihaela-Aurora Buzatu in 1991. Having behind this history of more than a quarter of a century, we feel obliged to continue to be usefull as much as possible to our customers, to constantly adapt to their needs, to provide them sustainable quality, innovation, borderless availability.

Our activities:

We have created and further developed Eutopia Park.

  We carry out an brockerage activity in online trade for agri-food producers, through the web portal Eutopia.Market - a centralized place where producers of all sizes can present and sell their products on local and / or international markets , with minimal costs.

Investments for education and recreation

In all our activities we collaborate with the Eutopia Gardens Foundation, an organization concerned with sustainability through education at all levels and ages.

Our goal:

  Finding optimal solutions to meet the needs of the global market;

Supporting the activities of Eutopia Gardens Foundation

The world is changing, with you can keep up!