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About us

We are a company that promotes manufacturers and suppliers on the international market.
We offer, in collaboration with the Eutopia Gardens Foundation, the centralized web portal Eutopia.Market, as a place to display and take orders.

Grup Expert has a history of more than a quarter of a century. A legacy that requires the ability to adapt to world changes, responsibility and attention focused on the needs of the new type of customer: sustainable quality, innovation, availability without borders.


  Finding optimal solutions to meet the needs of the global market;

Supporting the activities of Eutopia Gardens FOUNDATION


  Online trade & brokerage
Eutopia.Market webportal offer clients the posibility to order, in the same session, products from many suppliers, form different countries.

  Investments for education
Grup Expert SRL develop Eutopia Gardens to become a place for cultural events and programs. The park is managed, for this reason, by Eutopia Gardens Foundation


  Promote and sell your own products / services through Eutopia.Market ( using a brockerage agreement in the sales of goods). Proforma Invoices to customers are issued by the web application directly on behalf of your company. Payments are made into a collector account and transfert to you before deliveries.

The world is changing, with you can keep up!