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2020 - The transition from online commerce to online brockerage
The company Grup Expert SRL gives up the online trade activity, but use the long experience to move to an brokerage activity in the online trade. The web application is modified to suit this purpose. The new web portal can support countless small and medium-sized manufacturers to become internationally visible, in a simple and fast way, with insignificant costs. EutopiaMall, renamed Eutopia.Market, is no longer a simple online store, but an international exhibition with an online sales section.

2012 - We celebrate 10 years of online commerce
The contact with producers from several continents, allowed us to observe various patterns and solve multiple needs. For 10 years, the software application created by Grup Expert SRL and used for its online commerce activity has been continuously improved, now allowing the simple management, directly by the manufacturers of offers with tens of thousands of articles.

2006 - Begins collaboration with Eutopia Gardens Foundation

The land area purchased for the construction of the presentation garden reached 24ha, to which were added another 4ha (opposite, on the same road length, of 550ml). The recently established Eutopia Gardens Foundation will receive for use the presentation garden, now called Eutopa Park (Eutopia Gardens on the Google map), for cultural-educational and leisure activities.

2002 - Launch of the EutopiaMall.com webshop

In addition to e-commerce, the website provides detailed information on plant cultivation. Plant database exceeding 80,000 articles in 2005. The suppliers are dozens of traditional nurseries from all over Europe, but also from China and Israel. The range of plants includes all categories (from ornamental to fruit plants) and all shapes and sizes (from seeds, seedlings and cuttings, young plants to large plants for urban planting)

2000 - Investment and development
3 ha of agricultural land are purchased, in order to set up a show-garden, where visitors can admire the plants in various stages of maturity and also to place the plants left in stock at the end of each sales season (spring and autumn).

1991 - Establishment of Grup Expert SRL

The company Grup EXPERT SRL was founded in 1991 by Mihaela-Aurora BUZATU. Selected field: trade with ornamental plants. Motivation: the "gray" aspect of the Romanian localities of that period and the difficulty of the population's access to valuable plant varieties, offered in abundance by nurseries with a tradition from Western Europe.


  Web portal  Eutopia.Market (2020)

Deliveries: CC-trolleys, paleți

Mihaela-Aurora (2000)

Deliveries : parcels