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GEX advantages

What is »

What offer to his users?

  Ability to create websites with linear or tree menus, nelimited numbers of levels;
  Possibility to have an online store, which can meet any needs;
  Attractive display on the Internet as the information entered can be any combination of text, photo and video;
  The website design is provided by selection from a templates gallery;
  Professional hosting included;
  Within minutes you have a page on the internet!

What advantages has comparative with similar applications?

Minimal costs
  Fees for various application modules are particularly attractive. View subscription costs.
  Free access to wide range of standard design models.
  No additional charge for hosting web pages; this cost is included in the fee for use of the application. We provide protection against viruses, spam, performing daily automatic backups of data.
  No need to purchase a domain, the pages beeing automatically displayed at address with the form:  www.eutopiagardens.info/user_name/

 Independence of the user
  The user can edit direct his web-pages. Editing is dynamic, changes are reflected in real time on the internet. There is no need for specialized services.
  If a company already has a website, but wish to be able to manage it easier or develop it, or change the design, add an online store...  can use GEX.

Saving time

  GEX application can be accessed immediately after paying the administration fee; the web-page is instantly displayed on the above mentioned address.
  GEX allows import / export data from / to Excel.
  The application allows inventory management with automatic update in case of online sales.


  The user can decide at any time, whenever desired, to change the web design, selecting a different model from the gallery of designs, making data transfer automatically from one model to another.